“SharePoint Scripting Basics: Master Pages

Sh are Point. Category: SharePoint . ITIL Priority (Urgency and Impact equals Priority) in a SharePoint Calculated Field kiwidust August 6, 2017 SharePoint Comments ITIL determines the Priority of an incident as a function of its […]

I am VERY pleased with my Nintendo Labo VR purchase

Search Category Archives: Console Games. Nintendo Labo VR reviewed. April 26, 2019 As a VR developer, and self-professed Nintendo superfan, . Getting the Nintendo Labo VR kit was definitely a priority I had the first […]

though the Metal API is much lower level

Search Category Archives: Macintosh. Learning the Metal API. January 4. 2019 So I’m in the process of learning the Metal API which is Apple’s replacement for OpenGL ES. The principles are fairly similar, though the Metal […]

all the usual Lumberyard folders

x Search for: September 4, 2020. March 31, . 2019 How I create and maintain Lumberyard projects with Git Lately, I’ve been using the Lumberyard Github repository to stay up to date on the latest […]

Tech Forum Atlanta – 2012 – Let The Games Begin

Tech Forum Atlanta – 2012 – Let The Games Begin. Where gaming and education converge. Tech Forum Atlanta – 2012 – Let The Games Begin. Here are resources from my talk at Tech Forum Atlanta […]

gathering resources and collecting over 25 Pokemon

Where gaming and education converge. Yesterday, and considered the potential impact on K-12 education.  Today I had the opportunity to take some students into VR with the Oculus Go.  As part of a science lesson […]

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The Readers Corner. Category: The Readers Corner. Graphic Novels The Readers Corner – Green Arrow: Citizen’s Arrest On May 20, 2020 1:54 pm, by I’m typically always excited when I read a new Green Arrow […]

Blog » David Orr | Composer for Media

Blog. By in , , with I’ve recently uploaded my brand new soundtrack demo reel to YouTube (listen ). This reel focuses on my video game soundtracks, and features several recent games as well as […]