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Featured BATS To Launch Mentoring Program –

The Bat Cave.
Featured      BATS To Launch Mentoring Program  –.
The Blind  accessing Technology Specialists are pleased to announce that we are forming a mentoring program dedicated to improving the re presentation  of blind people in the technology industry.
The BATS mentoring program has already recruited a seasoned group of technology professionals  interested in  sharing their years of knowledge, lessons learned, and the secrets to their success.
If you’re  interested in  pursuing a career in technology and feel you could benefit from mentorship, here’s what you should know about our program:.
Applicants should already be proficient users of a screen reader or magnifier, but will not need to have any other specific technical skills When an applicant is accepted into the mentoring program, they will be added to our community mailing list so they can start asking questions and learning from our members All mentees will be guided on how and where to learn new  technologie s independently, and will be supported by the entire community The BATS mentoring program is set up in a way that mentees will be able to get support from one another as well as from our whole team of mentors.
If you’re interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee.

And Joining BATS on this important project

please send us a message through the contact form below and the team will reach out shortly.
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looking for content for our web site dm if you have any thing you want to share with other bats.
just came out of a vary energizing meeting #the-bats-fly-again look for our next  open meeting  the bats at #csun.
bats is looking for help in  video  editing and captions can some one lend a hand.
sorry for the  silence from bats we are working hard on some new  content for you and will do better soon.

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