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Terms and Conditions . Terms and Conditions . Term And Condition . General remark. What is dropmyads.com . Age restriction in certain categories. Your information is true. dropmyads.com is allowed to terminate the users access. […]

Conferences Videos from DDD Europe 2016

Videos from DDD Europe 2016. Conferences Videos from DDD Europe 2016. Posted on April 22, 2016 by domainlanguage / 0 Comment A few of the  presentations from the DDD Europe Conference, in Brussels, January 2016, […]

Technovation World Summit: annunciati i vincitori

News ed Eventi. Technovation World Summit : annunciati i vincitori. 19/08/2020. Di Redazione Digital Health Italia 19/08/2020. Memory Haven, l’app progettata per supportare i pazienti affetti da demenza senile, . Vince il premio 2020 Technovation Girls […]

The Season 3 Opener – DGS Episode #55

Dead Games Society Posts . May 1, 2019 DGS – It Came From The Late Late Late Nightlife of Brad McDevitt . Our good friend, Kris Vezner chats with artist and game design er, Brad McDevitt […]

Basic TensorFlow OperationsGraph and Session

Training – Deep Learning using TensorFlow and Keras (IOT305) May 7, 2020May 7, 2020 Leave a comment Deep Learning is a branch of machine learning that utilizes neural networks. But how does a neural network […]

“SharePoint Scripting Basics: Master Pages

Sh are Point. Category: SharePoint . ITIL Priority (Urgency and Impact equals Priority) in a SharePoint Calculated Field kiwidust August 6, 2017 SharePoint Comments ITIL determines the Priority of an incident as a function of its […]

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Generating Certificates for MySQL Version: ‘5.5.40-0ubuntu0.14.04.1’ By Denny Lim | Aug 16, 2017 | MySQL, . Ubuntu 14.04 Server Generating SSL Certificates for MySQL Daemon using openssl cd /etc/mysql # Generate a CA key and […]

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Square Bowl. Ceramics Comments Off on Square Bowl Jul 28 2012 Whenever I see this bowl, “bonsai planter” leaps to mind. Coyote Blue (hare’s fur) Posted by at 3:19 pm Tagged with: blue bonsai, bowl, […]


Dansk 2020-06-10T11:39:36+01:00 DANISH SOUND CLUSTER Formål Danish Sound Cluster fungerer som et knudepunkt for forskningsmiljøer virksomheder, offentlige organisationer, politikere og professional brugere med interesse for lyd og lydteknologi. Strategi Danish Sound Cluster stimulerer vækst ved […]

Managing an install of WordPress.org on DreamHost

From DreamHost to WordPress.com June 10, 2015June 10, 2015 You know what got old. Managing an install of WordPress.org on DreamHost. After a few months (years?) of random malware infections, slow response times, etc., . I […]