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Currently following 26 Shaders and Starburst Make a Clever Health Bar 0 comments shader Up until now I’ve had placeholder health bars that do their job as intended, but require a ton of manual work and take up a lot of memory.
I’ve always had the goal of making the health bars work programmatically, and I finally got around to doing it.
Well, version 1 at least.
Have a look at how I’ve used SKShader, SKCropNode, SKShapeNode and CGPath all rendered to one final texture to make my health system work.
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23 What Have I Been Up To.
3 comments announcements Most people who come to this site would be under the impression that it is abandoned.
That’s partially true.
But just because there is little activity here, that doesn’t mean I’ve been doing nothing.
The truth is that a lot has been accomplished, followed by burnout, followed by a crossroads that I’m now at.
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Isometric Projectile Trajectory in Swift and SpriteKit 2 comments How do you launch a catapult, grenade, arrow, or any other projectile in an isometric world.
I had to joy of figuring that out over these past two days, and I thought I would share.
Before jumping in, let me point out that the code below is for my specific use case, and is not a full featured framework.
So, you’ll still have to understand the concepts, .

But if you’re Googling for help this will hopefully get you on the right track

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Key Events Stou”s Ability System.
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