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I think Peloton learned its lesson after week 1

Week two of Peloton’s 2020 Pelothon challenge is in the books

and I already have the badge to prove it.

The Facebook group for my Breakthrough Crew team is so active it’s overwhelming

but it’s fun when I see a post from friends like Michelle and Chaitali.  Pelothon 2020 Week 2 Workouts The challenge for week 2 was to take two LIVE classes with ANY instructor.
While that seems simpler than the week 1 challenge, it took some planning ahead since (not surprisingly) there are no live classes during my usual 5-7 am workout window, but my work-from-home status made it easier.  While I knew I had meet the requirements for the week 1 challenge, it was a relief when I received my badge on Monday.
Even though Peloton said any class with your team instructors would count (including 5 min core and stretch classes), since there was no way to track your progress, people were bombarding their Twitter, .

Instagram and Facebook pages with so many questions

The week 2 challenge had in-App tracking, so you knew right away if your class “counted” and earned your badge as soon as you had taken two live classes.
I think Peloton learned its lesson after week 1, because the week 3 challenge also has in-App tracking.

Weekly Run Down Our heat wave continued this week

accompanied by nightly storms that did nothing to break the humidity.
Almost every evening my Weather Channel app had a warning like this: I didn’t see this downed tree until Saturday morning, but with storms Monday-Thursday nights, it’s hard to guess when it happened.
Luckily it’s far from any structures.

This week I did my 100th strength workout on the Peloton app

In keeping with the Pelothon food bank charity theme

I’m going to make a $100 donation to the Capital Areal Food Bank.
which sounded the alarm this week about rising food insecurity in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.  Monday: 2.3 Scooby Miles + 2.6 Treadmill Bootcamp Miles + 10 min Live Core WorkoutThis was the worst morning weather–83F at 5 am.

I missed working out with Jess Sims last week

so I made it a Jess Sims day, doing her 20 min Outdoor Run, 45 min 90s Bootcamp (1/2 treadmill, 1/2 strength), and 10 min stretch.  Luckily my Garmin watch still has my data on it ….
I got “ready for work” quickly so I could squeeze in my first live workout–a 7:45 am 10 min core class before my 8:00 am conference call.   I could not have done that if I were not working at home.
Tuesday: 3.1 Scooby Miles + 40 min Peloton Strength Workouts Monday night’s storm was the worst of the week.
The lightning was striking really close to our neighborhood with cracks of thunder that made us all jump.
This was the worst tree damage I saw on my run, just around the corner from us.
This tree just missed hitting my neighbor’s house.
Wednesday: 3.25 Scooby Miles + 2.5 Treadmill Bootcamp Miles + 20 min Live Yoga  Class + 10 min Live Core WorkoutTuesday night’s storms still didn’t break the humidity.
It may have been a few degrees cooler Wednesday morning, but it was hard to tell.My plan was to make Chase’s 7:45 pm core workout my second live class, but when a 7 pm conference call put that plan in jeopardy, I decided to squeeze in a 20 min live yoga class at 8:35 before my 9 am conference call.  My hips always thank me when I do a “twists” program.
As it turned out, .

My evening call ended in time for me to join Chase’s workout

I was expecting the usual mix of planks and crunches, but he led us through some crazy stuff–like bear plank cross under reach-throughs, which nearly had me falling on my bum.
I took the class again Sunday so I could grab a screen shot.
Thursday: 4.8 Scooby Miles + 35 min Peloton Strength WorkoutsAfter Wednesday night’s storms it finally felt a bit nicer Thursday morning, so I chased the sunrise and ran my neighborhood loop in the opposite direction.   The Seminary has the prettiest backdrops for my local #runrise runs Friday: 25 min Peloton Strength  Workouts+ 4.5 Mile Live Treadmill Workout+ 20 Mile Bike RideMorning showers rained out my run with Scooby–ending his July run streak–but that worked out for the best for me because Adrian’s live 45 min treadmill interval class was hard.

To fill the time between walking Scooby and the 7 am class

I did a 20 min upper body workout.  Luckily the rain cleared up so Deborah and I could get in another bike ride.  We had to get a photo of these giant red hibiscus.
Saturday: 6.15 Scooby Miles + 10 min  Live Core Workout + 20 mile Bike Ride It felt SO NICE when I stepped outside.

I couldn’t resist the weather and took Scooby on a 6 mile run

even though I also wanted to go for a bike ride.  The humidity did catch up to us eventually.
While my husband was getting the bikes ready for our ride, I squeezed in my fourth live Peloton workout of the week–and my 100th strength workout–a 10 min core workout.
Not all core work happens on the floor.
I suffered two equipment failures on our ride.
First, we were 1.25 miles into our ride when I realized I didn’t have my helmet on.
After going back for that, we had made it a few miles more when I got a flat tire caused by a shard of glass.  He offered to let me fix it,but I knew he’d get it done much faster.

Sunday: 3.1 Scooby Miles + 10 min Peloton Core WorkoutStepping outside

my first thought was “yuck”–the humidity was back full force and the air was soupy.
At least there’s not too much sun at 6 am.
Thanks to Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down link up.
Even if my weeks are pretty much the same, I enjoy seeing what others are doing.
Are you freaking out over the Garmin outage?  Deborah and I are pushing the August Ultimate Coffee Date Link Up to the weekend of August 7/8/9.
Mark your calendars and join us!The post Pelothon 2020 Week 2 Workouts appeared first on Running With Perseverance.

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