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By connecting your GitLab repositories to SourceLevel

I am very excited to announce that SourceLevel now supports GitLab

The integration works only for the Analytics (Pull Requests metrics) tools by far

However, .

We are working hard to make it available ASAP for Code Quality

By connecting your GitLab repositories to SourceLevel, the main Analytics features are: Lead Time Histogram Lead Time Histogram The histogram chart is great for analyzing the pull request distribution.
The x-axis has the number of days the pull request remained open, and the y-axis displays the number of corresponding pull requests.
The higher the numbers to the left, the faster you ship code.
Pull Request Lead Time and Throughput Lead Time and Throughput chart Lead Time and Throughput are two of the most vital metrics for an engineering manager.

It shows the number of closed/merged pull requests and Lead Time percentiles week by week

It’s a great tool to understand the pace and healthiness of the process.
List of Pull Requests needing attention A prioritized list of Pull Requests This list is precious.

It contains Pull Requests from all your project’s repositories in a prioritized way

Priority takes into account: the lead time, idleness, and the number of comments and approvals.
It’s easy to spot long-living abandoned pull requests with this list.

In short If you use GitLab and need performance metrics for software engineering

start a 14-days trial.
Don’t hesitate to reach me out if you have any questions.
The post GitLab has arrived.

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